Our Menus

LUNCH    11am-2.30pm

Homemade Soup of the day (v) £4.90
See the specials board

Goulash £5.90 
A hearty soup with pork, peppers, and vegetables

Rosół £5.20
Tender chicken pieces, vegetables, pasta in chicken broth
            All served with our own freshly baked bread selection  

Savoury Puff Pastry tart with a dressed salad £7.20
A Polish take on Quiche
Vegetable and herb option (v)

Salade Surprise £6.90/£7.90 
A customised surprise; prepared individually with fresh salad ingredients of the day, meat OR cheese. Different every day. Vegetarian option (v) Vegan too (vg)

Croque Monsieur made with our own bread £6.20
Ham, gruyère cheese, béchamel
Seasonal vegetables, gruyère cheese, béchamel (v) 
Croque Madame 
like the Monsieur but topped with a fried free range egg £6.70

Gołąbki £7.90
Cabbage leaves stuffed with seasoned minced pork and rice, in creamy tomato sauce

Tomasz's Special Bigos £8.90
Sauerkraut stew made with pork, Polish smoked sausage, mushrooms, wine, dried fruit, 
Vegetarian Bigos 
Sauerkraut Stew made with mushrooms, lentils, wine, dried fruit, tofu(v) (vg)


DINNER    6.30pm-10.00pm

Last orders 9pm


Baltic Herring Duo £5.50
A herring fillet with onion and oil, another with cream, apple and onion

Beetroot Carpaccio  £5.20
Thin slices of baked beetroot with seasonal garnish (vg) and parmesan(v)

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio £6.10 
Fine slices of smoked salmon with celery,capers, drizzle of olive oil, lemon wedge, balsamico glaze

Selection of Polish Charcuterie £5.20
Slices of cured meats with traditional Polish garnishes

Rosół £5.20
Tender pieces of chicken, vegetables, and pasta in chicken broth

Soup of the day (v) £4.90
See the board

Goulash £5.90 
A hearty soup with pork, peppers, and vegetables



Free Range Roast Chicken with mashed potato £12.90
Half a young chicken roasted, infused with Cornish cider, apple and garlic and salad garnish

Chicken Schnitzel £12.90 
Topped with a pineapple slice and cheddar, served with mashed potato and salad

Coq au Vin £10.90 
A Polish take on the classic dish. Tender chicken braised in red wine served with fresh bread

Fish of the day £11.90 
With sautéed potatoes and garnish

Roast Pork £12.90 
Slow-cooked pork fillet with mashed potato, gravy, and salad

Schabowy Pork Schnitzel £12.90
Served with mashed potato and salad

Gołąbki £10.90 
Cabbage leaves stuffed with minced pork and rice, creamy tomato sauce 

Bigos with mashed potato £11.90 
Hunters' stew made with pork, Polish smoked sausage, wine, dried fruit, sauerkraut
Vegetarian 'Bigos' with mashed potato (v) (vg) £11.90 Made with lentils, mushrooms, tofu, sauerkraut, wine, dried fruit

Sumptuous Salade Surprise (v) (vg)   £8.90 
A big mixed salad with some warm additions.

Pierogi £10.90
Polish parcels with filling of the day. Please ask your server what today's filling is. Garnished with salad



(Lunch and Dinner)
Our own delicious desserts in the cabinet   £4.50 
Come, look and be tempted!



Coffee Espresso / Cafetière / Americano £2.70
Flat white / Cappuccino / Latte / Mocha £2.70

Hot Chocolate £2.70
Luxury Iced coffee £3.90
Luxury Hot Chocolate £3.90

If you prefer soya/almond milk please tell your server

Loose leaf speciality tea £2.50 
English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Green tea / Selection of herbal teas

Soft drinks
Coke / Fanta / Diet Coke / Lemonade £2.50
Apple / Orange juice £2.60 
Ginger Beer £2.70
Alcohol Free Beer £3.00
Still / Sparkling mineral water £2.00

All our soft drinks are in recyclable glass bottles

Please see our drinks list for all wines, spirits and beers

Everything on our menu is homemade here on the premises using the best and freshest ingredients from local suppliers. Please inform the staff of any allergies or dietary requirements.